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Polls Say Public Reaction is Mixed to McCain’s Campaign Suspension

leave a comment » is reporting this morning that polls suggest that the public is responding poorly to Sen. John McCain’s suspension of his campaign to work on the financial crisis. In fact, Sen. Barack Obama has increased his growing lead.

The web site reports that two polls that were doing field work yesterday show gains for Obama:

The Research 2000 poll has Obama jumping from +4 to +6, on the strength of a +7 in the daily sample conducted yesterday. And Rasmussen Tracking has him moving from a +2 to a +3, his largest lead over McCain since 9/6.

But there was some good news for McCain. Hotline has Obama at a +4, down from a +6 yesterday. Battleground, which has a strong (3-4 point) Republican lean, has him at -1, one point better than yesterday.


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September 25, 2008 at 12:21 pm

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