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GOP to Let Palin be Palin and Unleash Her to Media

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Apparently I have more pull on the Internet than I thought …

Johnathan Martin of Politico wrote in his blog late yesterday that the McCain campaign has read the reviews about Gov. Sarah Palin’s performances in the media interviews and are planning to unleash her to radio talk shows, and at the same time free her from the GOP talking points and let Sarah be Sarah.

Some excerpts from Martin’s report:

“She’s seen the reviews and heard the criticism, but she’s a fighter,” said this aide. “And now she’s in a fighting mood.”

Palin heads to McCain’s cabin in Arizona today to prepare for her Thursday debate, and while she’s there she’ll do a round of conservative talk radio interviews.

“Talk radio is a convenient, powerful and effective outlet,” said the aide.

Rush Limbaugh, who hosts the most popular radio show in the country, noted in an e-mail that he doesn’t invite guests on and alluded to his rocky relationship with the top of the GOP ticket.

“The McCain camp doesn’t trust me,” Limbaugh said.

But asked if he’d welcome a call from Palin, the conservative talker said: “Of course.”

The move to reintroduce Palin comes after much criticism for a stumbling interview she gave to CBS’ Katie Couric last week; increased conservative grousing about the campaign’s decision to roll out the GOP vice presidential nominee through high-stakes and high-profile mainstream media interviews; and the suggestion by some observers that she even drop off the ticket.

Quite the contrary, Palin, her family and aides are determined to remind voters what they so liked about the governor in the first place.

After the debate and talk radio hits, the plan is to find a way to let Palin be Palin, moving her away from the pre-fab talking points and letting the down-home daughter of Wasilla be herself.

“She wants to tell her story more, and people around her do, too,” added the source. “This is a governor very much on her toes, very much fed up with inaccuracies and fictions about her own life and career.”

To this end, Palin was far more aggressive in another interview with Couric today, this aide said

Sitting with McCain for their first joint interview a week after the widely panned sit-down with Couric, Palin interjected when the CBS anchor brought up a report about the Wasilla Assembly of God, the governor’s childhood church and one she still attends at times, seeking to pray gays away from homosexuality.

“Sarah Barracuda showed up today,” the aide said, reprising the feisty former point guard’s high school basketball nickname and one that has been largely forgotten since her post-convention cosseting.

“We’re encouraging CBS to run entire thing,” the aide said of today’s session. “Run it end to end online.”

Last week I wrote this after the first Katie Couric interview:

What the McCain campaign should do is to give her the best pre-debate education of the issues it can. Get her up to speed on foreign affairs and domestic problems. But don’t craft the answers for her. Let her develop what she is going to say in her own voice. In other words, on Oct. 2, let her be Sarah Palin.

If she’s going to be criticized for her answers (she will, MSNBC and others will dissect them syllable by syllable) she might as well give her own thoughts, and not the spin of the campaign. The McCain campaign should unleash her. She can handle Biden on her own. From what we have seen, when allowed to be herself, she can do quite well.

Now, seriously, I doubt John McCain’s campaign team is relying on my advice. But that posting has had the most unique viewers since I started this venture. About 13 percent of this blog’s total unique viewers saw that post. The second most viewed post was the video of Palin’s appearance at her former church in Wasilla, which 5 percent of News Cycle’s unique viewers saw.


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September 30, 2008 at 8:39 am

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