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Hannity Scores Big Numbers in Debut

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Sean Hannity’s debut on FOX as a solo act is scoring big, with more than 2.8 million total viewers over age 2. That’s more than Rachel Maddow and Larry King combined:

TVBythe’s Bill Gorman reports these Jan. 12 results from Nielsen:

9 PM – P2+ (25-54) (35-64)
Hannity–2,835,000 viewers (703,000) (1,155,000)
Larry King Live—934,000 viewers (319,000) (468,000)
Rachel Maddow Show –1,341,000 viewers (441,000) (723,000)
Saving GM: Inside Crisis– 293,000 viewers (167,000) (183,000)
Lou Dobbs- 597,000 viewers (247,000) (339,000)

Also notable, Bill O’Reilly’s “The O’Reilly Factor” pulled in 3,121,000 viewers during its 8 p.m. Eastern slot, and 1,513,000 viewers during his 11 p.m. repeat. Keith Olbermann’s “Countdown” had 1,475,000 viewers at 8 p.m. and 1,033,000 viewers during his 10 p.m. repeat.


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January 14, 2009 at 10:22 am

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  1. As long as Sean doesn’t keep repeating himself and talking over people before they can finish a sentence, he should do fine. I generally like his subject matters and guests.I would like to see and hear more diversity on subjects and follow ups with past ones. Also, at least one subject a night on what is working in America.

    E. Hutchison

    January 14, 2009 at 11:12 am

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