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Only 318 Newspaper Layoffs Reported in June

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Only 318 layoffs were reported in the newspaper industry in the month of June, the lowest number in 2009 by far. While this could be a sign of an improving economy, there are expectations that July could be much worse as Gannett is rumored to be ready to lay off as many as 4,500 people.

Email me to report any job cuts in the newspaper industry.

June 30: Waco (Tx.) Tribune-Herald, 43 people.
June 30: St. Paul (Minn.) Pioneer Press, 11 people.
June 29: Springfield (Mass.) Republican, 30 people.
June 24: Detroit Free Press, 22 people.
June 22: The State of Columbia, S.C., six people.
June 18: Albany (N.Y.) Times Union, 45 people.
June 10: Bellingham (Wash.) Herald, 30 people.
June 9: Blethen Maine Newspapers, 22 non-union employees and four executives. Five more people were released in a June 15 announcement.
June 8: The Register-Guard of Eugene, Ore., 21 people (14 additional unfilled positions eliminated).
June 5: The New York Observer, 15 people.
June 3: Stanwood/Camano (Wash.) News, 10 people.
June 3 :The Hollywood (Calif.) Reporter, 10 people.
June 2: The Tampa Tribune, 17 people.
June 2: DuBois (Pa.) Courier-Express, two people.
June 1: The Bulletin in Philadelphia ceases operations, at least 25 people.

Here are News Cycle’s month-by-month lists of newspaper job cuts this year:

December — 752 people.
November — 293 people.
October — 375 people.
September — 347 people.
August — 425 people.
July — 2,505 people.
June — 318 people.
May — 1,084 people.
April — 1,350 people.
March — 3,943 people.
February — 1,492 people.
January — 2,256 people.

Email me to report any job cuts in the newspaper industry.


Written by newscycle

July 1, 2009 at 10:28 am

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