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New York Times Suspends Kouwe Over Plagiarism Allegations

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Zachery Kouwe was suspended today by The New York Times while the newspaper continues its investigation into allegations of plagiarism.

Jeff Bercovici reports that the business reporter’s work could be under suspicion at previous employers:

One additional question in all this is whether Kouwe’s use of other writers’ language was confined to his work for the Times. A representative at the New York Post, where Kouwe worked before joining the Times, declined to comment on whether that paper is conducting its own review of his articles. But it’s worth noting that, at the Post, Kouwe was writing only for the daily edition, while at the Times he has filed far more often as a contributor to the paper’s DealBook blog. As I noted last week, web-speed journalism raises exponentially the possibility of journalistic malpractice, even for the best-intentioned of practitioners.


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February 16, 2010 at 7:59 pm

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